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Sunday, February 24, 2013

‫ת How autism affected one family

This video was shown once and then disappeared. It has now had Hebraic subtitles added, but the original English soundtrack is in place. It tells the story of Andrew Wakefield’s research and how it was suppressed. The focus is on one family, how autism affected them, how they found Wakefield, and how they and others support him. It’s a modern-day tragedy. This story needs to be told and repeated. People must learn what’s happened and act to stop this destruction of so many lives. It’s well-acted and professionally produced. Please, watch this full-length movie while it can still be seen. [1:38:09] ‫זעקת הדממה - סרט לצפיה ישירה + כתוביות‬‎ - YouTube

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