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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Poisonous Snake Bite Victim Benefits from Homeopathy

For the past eight years, I have typed and edited five books, and am now transcribing and editing the sixth book in the series, for my family's licensed homeopath, Dr. Philip K. Parsons, now retired and living in Florida. What is shared in this blog post, with permission, is one of the cases that makes one a believer in the power of homeopathy in the right homeopathic practitioners’ hands.

7/10/89 32 year old male

Patient was traveling on a remote highway in West Florida when he saw a Diamond-Back rattlesnake lying in the road. He often picked up freshly killed rattlesnakes along the highways which he would skin and sell for a good price. He usually picked up the snakes with a stick, but he was certain this one was dead so he grabbed it with his left hand. To his horror, the snake bit him. He knew that if he let it go it would strike him again at another site, so he let the snake inject all of its venom and then threw it into the woods. He then drove for thirty minutes to the nearest hospital.

His entire left side was swollen and by the following day, the skin of his left arm was beginning to crack. His hand was totally stiff and he was unable to bend it. He was given anti-venom which had no effect. A friend of his, who was also a patient of mine, contacted me noting her friend’s symptoms which I then entered into the Radar computer (See repertorization). Lachesis scored as the top remedy, so I sent the 200C/1M/10M potencies by the friend who then drove four hours to the hospital to see the patient. She was instructed to give the 200C potency and then wait five minutes. If there was no change, she was to then give the other two potencies. She gave the remedies in a clandestine manner, not wishing to provoke the allopathic doctors, since she knew that homeopathy was her friend’s only hope for survival. The 200C and 1M potencies did nothing, but within five minutes after taking the 10M potency, the patient was able to move his fingers. The next day he was released from the hospital and fortunately (or unfortunately) the allopaths never knew why their patient recovered so quickly!

Up until that time, the patient had been uncertain about his direction in life and had tried many occupations. Shortly after this incident, he entered a massage school, graduated and is now a massage therapist.

2/15/93 Follow-Up
I spoke to him by phone and he told me that during the first winter after the snake bite he had a residual effect of poor circulation in his third and fourth fingers, but after that incident he had no further symptoms. He said that he was in perfect health and that his life was in good order.

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