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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why homeopathy? Simple. It works.

In early 1986, I became extremely ill. My weight dropped to 82 pounds, I was in constant severe pain and I was unable to work. I had been diagnosed with Epstein-Barr virus, mitral valve prolapse, multiple food, environmental and chemical allergies, and other maladies too numerous to mention. On numerous medications with no improvement, doctors were telling me that my problem was all in my head; i.e. a psychological one. As a certified medical transcriptionist working in the medical field for ten years, this diagnosis was not acceptable. In retrospect, had I listened to the doctors, and not sought homeopathic treatment, I would not be writing this. Nonetheless, my road to recovery has been a long arduous one. Although I still suffer from my illness, mercury poisoning, I am not spending my days in bed in excruciating pain, I can work as a medical transcriptionist from my home office and my will to live has never left me.

I had become somewhat aware of the practice of homeopathic medicine during my extensive travel and studies in Europe from 1959 through 1963. Like most Americans, I had never before been exposed to any other form of medical treatment other than Western medicine. I was therefore skeptical that homeopathic medicine in the form of little sugar pills could really heal anything. That was before I met my current husband Michael in October, 1986.

Michael was introduced to homeopathic medicine by his sister after suffering for over a decade the ill effects of his combat duty in Viet Nam in the early 1960s. All the solders on the ground in certain areas were subjected to overhead sprays of Agent Orange, DDT and other toxic chemicals by air in an effort to destroy the dense vegetation that served as a dense canopy for the enemy troops to hide. The the skin over Michael's entire body would break out in burning and bleeding ulcers. No amount of skin lotions, steroids, antibiotics or oral medications helped. Within a few weeks after his evaluation and treatment at a homeopathic clinic, Michael's skin had cleared significantly and he no longer woke up during the night with blood soaked sheets.

All too often, for patients in the United States at least, this is the manner in which desperate very ill people find their way to homeopathic medicine. Unfortunately, if an illness has been too long in its process and been treated with too many allopathic drugs, homeopathy can sometimes not offer more than palliative relief of pain and/or discomfort. Homeopathic medicine has a well established successful record of relieving suffering and death in people with severe radiation poisoning (Chernobyl, Ukraine 1986), world-wide outbreaks of malaria, typhoid and cholera, in addition to preventing many thousands of potential deaths during the Bubonic Plague of the early 20th Century.

My knowledge of and enthusiasm for the practice of homeopathic medicine has grown after having transcribed and edited five books for my own licensed homeopathic practitioner. I feel impelled to pass along my enthusiasm in the hope that others who read this will do their own research if faced with no other alternatives.

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